Access To Our Interstate Network

ARTC’s 2007 Interstate Access Undertaking was accepted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Council on 31 July 2008, after extensive consultation with stakeholders and the ACCC, and is effective from 21 August 2008 for a period of ten years.

The undertaking covered the following parts of ARTC’s network:

  1. Adelaide (Dry Creek) – Parkeston
  2. Adelaide (Dry Creek) – Melbourne (Spencer Street)
  3. Melbourne (Tottenham) – Macarthur
  4. Newcastle (Islington Junction via mains) – Queensland Border (Border Tunnel)
  5. Crystal Brook – Parkes
  6. Cootamundra – Parkes
  7. Adelaide (Dry Creek) – Pelican Point
  8. Port Augusta – Whyalla
  9. Moss Vale – Unanderra

Since that time, the ACCC has approved a variation to the 2007 Interstate Access Undertaking that has the effect of including for coverage the Southern Sydney Freight Line completed for operations in early 2013. The varied access undertaking is the 2013 Interstate Access Undertaking.

Under Clause 2.7(b) of the undertaking, ARTC has committed to make available, on the ARTC website, information which will assist Access Seekers with development of an Access Application, and will assist during the negotiation of an Access Agreement with ARTC. This information is available via the website menu.

In order to encourage utilisation of the ARTC Network, ARTC already publishes significant information of this type and, where appropriate, links to this information will exist.

ARTC will also be publishing information other than that required by the undertaking, which it believes will provide further guidance to access seekers.

The information provided should be considered as indicative only and ARTC will take all reasonable steps to ensure it is accurate and up to date.

Information forming part of ARTC’s Network Interface and Coordination Plan, as well as ARTC’s operating schedules can change frequently, and may not be immediately reflected in information provided on the website. Access Seekers who are undertaking detailed service planning are encouraged to contact ARTC for more recent information if required.

Further information can be obtained by an access seeker by registering as a Member of the ARTC website.

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