Our Network

ARTC manages more than 8,500 route kilometres of track in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. ARTC also manages the Hunter Valley coal rail network.

ARTC is responsible for:

  • Selling access to train operators
  • The development of new business
  • Capital investment in the network
  • Managing train operations
  • Maintaining the network.

Today, our network services all the major capitals, markets, regional freight centres and import/export ports in Australia. Freight owners can now take full advantage of the new rail infrastructure, as well as new locomotives and advanced wagon designs – making rail a better freight alternative for your business.

While heavier goods moved in large quantities is a natural fit to rail with its ability to carry heavy tonnages in a single journey, there are many other opportunities for your business – be it fast moving consumer products, bulk goods, regional freight or an import/export task.


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