Indicative Access Holder Agreement (IAHA)

Coal Access Rights

The IAHA has been accepted by the ACCC as part of the HVAU. In accordance with Section 3.14(c) of the HVAU, ARTC will offer the IAHA to any Applicant for Coal Access Rights that meets the following criteria:

  • Standard Access Charges for Services within the Services Envelope (as prescribed in the HVAU);
  • meets the Network Exit Capability requirement prescribed in Section 3.7(a)(ix) of the HVAU
  • meets the prudential requirements prescribed at Section 3.4(e) of the HVAU; and
  • where the Network has sufficient Available Capacity to meet the Applicant’s needs or ARTC consents to provide Additional Capacity to meet the Applicant’s needs.

Associated with the IAHA, prior to the commencement of train services on the Network, an Applicant will need to execute, jointly with each train Operator it wishes to operate coal trains on its behalf, a contract based on the Indicative Operator Sub-Agreement (IOSA).

An IOSA is a tri-party agreement between ARTC, the Access Holder and a train Operator that sets out the terms and conditions through which ARTC will provide access to the train Operator. The train Operator obtains train paths on the Network through the Access Holder’s access agreement.

The current IAHA and IOSA are available through the links below.

Number Title Effective Posted
Indicative Access Holder Agreement 23 June 2021 23 June 2021
Indicative Operator Sub Agreement 23 June 2021 23 June 2021

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