Wayside Monitoring Systems

We utilise and host several Wayside Monitoring Systems across our network.

In partnership with train operators, we recognise the opportunities offered by the use of predictive wayside data to improve overall rail reliability and performance. In addition, the data collected can help identify the key causes of rail wheel noise and inform what can then be done to minimise and manage it.

Several different monitoring systems are in place. These include:

  • Wheel Condition Monitor (WCM) – used to measure the effect of wheel impacts on the rail surface
  • Bearing Acoustic Monitor (RailBAM) – used to identify and monitor bearing faults using acoustic measurements
  • Squeal Acoustic Detector (RailSQAD) – used to monitor noise produced by wheels that falls within specific ranges to identify repeatedly noisy vehicles
  • Angle of Attack (AOA) – used to measure the angle of a wheel set relative to the rail
  • Hunting Detector – used to measure the position of the wheel set relative to the rail to measure tracking error, inter-axle misalignment, hunting, angle of attack and lateral shift
  • Wheel Profile Monitor – a real-time wheel measurement system that calculates wheel measurements by taking a laser image of the wheel as it passes by

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