Wayside Monitoring Systems

We utilise and host several Wayside Monitoring Systems across our network.

We are improving rail performance and maintenance across our network, including through the following wayside monitoring systems:

  • Wheel Condition Monitor (WCM) – measures the effect of wheel impacts on the rail surface.
  • Bearing Acoustic Monitor (RailBAM) – identifies and monitors bearing faults using acoustic measurements.
  • Squeal Acoustic Detector (RailSQAD) – identifies and monitors noise produced by wheels.
  • Angle of Attack (AOA) – measures the angle of a wheel set relative to the rail.
  • Hunting Detector – measures the position of the wheel set relative to the rail to measure tracking error, inter-axle misalignment, hunting, angle of attack and lateral shift.
  • Wheel Profile Monitor – a real-time wheel measurement system that records laser images as the wheel passes by.

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