External Party Works Application Fees

Application fee shown including GST and up-front payment (from 1st of July 2018)

Enter the Corridor

a Non-intrusive e.g.survey/ inspection. $792, payable up-front
b Low-impact 90° Fibre Optic Cables (under the Telecommunications Act) $792, payable up-front
c Fibre Optic Cable under a Master Access Deed as per MAD
d Any other short term-entry for access or minor works $792, payable up-front
e SA/WA private access road see note 5

90° Service Crossings

a Minor pipeline (up to 150mm OD) eg. Domestic / farm $792, payable up-front
b Low Voltage Overhead Power Domestic / farm $792, payable up-front
c Council/Shire or Utility Provider Mains pipeline (or any pipeline  151mm to 500 mm OD) $1,595, $792 payable up-front
d High Voltage Mains Overhead Power $1,595, $792 payable up-front
e Flammable or Chemical pipeline or pipelines > 500mm OD $3,190, $1,595 payable up-front
f Pipeline under a Master Access Deed as per MAD
g Powerline under a Master Access Deed as per MAD

Stormwater Discharge

For a complying use of the ARTC cess $3,190, $1,595 payable up-front

Services along Corridor

[only granted at ARTC’s discretion and at commercial rates]
a Pipelines $3,190, $1,595 payable up-front
b Fibre Optic Cables $3,190, $1,595 payable up-front
c Overhead Power lines $3,190, $1,595 payable up-front

Telecommunications Tower

New locations / upgrades to existing sites $3,630, payable up-front

Major Construction Works

Bridges, Underpasses etc Fees are calculated on a ‘job by job’ basis


  1. The up-front portion of application fees is not refundable, regardless of whether the application is approved or not
  2. The majority of the above categories will also require payment of an annual licence fee- please enquire
  3. The Application Fee includes appraisal and document establishment
  4. Further fees may also be levied for Design Reviews and Site Inspections
  5. Fees may be reviewed annually
  6. The ARTC Access Road between Malbooma SA and Rawlinna WA is not available to other than Government entities, Utililties or users under the Mining Act and at ARTC’s discretion, with fees to be assessed.The minimum fee payable is $3,190

Typical documents issued by ARTC

  • Licence to Enter the Corridor
  • Licence for Infrastructure on the Corridor
  • Works Deed
  • Master Access Deed
  • Easement

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