Route Access Standard (RAS)

The RAS has been produced as replacement for the:

  • TOC Manual that is applied to the ARTC lease network in NSW, QLD and;
  • TA02 Network Interface Plan that is applied to SA, VIC and WA.

Route Access Standard

Title Contents Last Updated Version
Introduction The layout of the documents in the suite of Standards known as the RAS and a glossary of terms Aug 2021 2.3
General Information The ARTC Infrastructure Limits, Safeworking, planning, marshalling and inspection Sep 2022 2.5
Section Pages Introduction Explanation of speed and axle load framework and permanent speeds contained in each corridor section page Apr 2021 1.9
RAS Appendix A – Rolling Stock Outlines and Loading Requirements Detailed information pertinent to outlines and loading Aug 2021 1.3
 – Out of Gauge Application Specialised load movement request
RAS Appendix B – Train Numbering Detailed information on Train Numbering Nov 2023 1.4

Section Pages

The section pages are the individual line diagrams detailing below rail elements such as axle loadings and permanent speeds for that particular section of the ARTC Network.


  RAS Interactive Map

The RAS Section Pages are now accessible via this interactive map. Importantly, the map will work on mobile devices too such as phones and tablets. Click anywhere on the ARTC network to open the relevant ARTC Section Page.

Route Access Standard Amendments and Deviations

Permanent alterations to the network are updated in the RAS. To report an issue or request an update to the RAS, please email providing details of the nature of the amendment, the specific RAS reference and version, the location subject to the change or route of operation, the date the update is required by, and include any supporting documentation (e.g. Drivers Diagram, NAN, SAFE Notice, etc). Alternatively, the RAS Enquiry Form OGP3001F-01 may be used for this purpose and emailed to along with any supporting documentation.

The RAS amendment register publishes all changes to the RAS and should always be viewed in line with the current version of the document.

RAS Amendment Register May  2024

Approved temporary deviations from the access conditions outlined in the RAS are provided in the form of a Route Access Condition Notice (RACN) in accordance with OGP-30-01 Route Access Condition Notices. To request an RACN, please provide relevant details in accordance with OGP-30-01 Route Access Condition Notices to

Title Last Updated Version
OGP-30-01 Route Access Condition Notices 19 Jan 2023 2.1
OGP3001F-01 RAS Enquiry Form 2 Mar 2022 2.0

ARTC Rolling Stock Profiles

The profiles below are provided as supplementary information to RAS Appendix A. These are the static profiles and kinematic (outer) profiles. Appendix A remains the master source of information on rolling stock outlines and loading requirements.

Title PDF CAD Version
ARTC Rolling Stock Profile A Profile A Profile A 2.2
ARTC Rolling Stock Profile B Profile B Profile B 2.2
ARTC Rolling Stock Profile C Profile C Profile C 2.2
ARTC  Rolling Stock Profile CZ Profile CZ Profile CZ 2.2
ARTC Rolling Stock Profile CY4150 Profile CY4150 Profile CY4150 2.2
ARTC Rolling Stock Profile D Profile D Profile D 2.2
ARTC Rolling Stock Profile DS Profile DS Profile DS 2.2
ARTC  Rolling Stock Profile E1 Profile E1 Profile E1 2.2
ARTC  Rolling Stock Profile F1 Profile F1 Profile F1 2.2
ARTC Rolling Stock Profile F2 Profile F2 Profile F2 2.2
ARTC Rolling Stock Profile H Profile H Profile H 2.2
ARTC NSW Narrow Non Electric Rolling Stock Profile NNE Profile NNE Profile NNE 2.2
ARTC NSW Narrow Square Rolling Stock Profile NS Profile NS Profile NS 2.2
ARTC NSW Narrow Container Rolling Stock Profile NC Profile NC Profile NC 2.2
ARTC NSW Narrow Hopper Rolling Stock Profile NH Profile NH Profile NH 2.2
ARTC NSW Intersystem Rolling Stock Profile IS Profile IS Profile IS 2.2

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