Route Access Standard (RAS)

The Route Access Standard has been produced as replacement for the:

  • TOC Manual that is applied to the ARTC lease network in NSW, Queensland and;
  • TA02 Network Interface Plan that is applied to SA, VIC. and WA.

The RAS Manual Stage 1 is authorised for use in all states.

The remnant clauses in the TOC Manual (NSW) relating to wagon registration processes are listed in RACN 1400005 and will be covered with the implementation of the RAS Stage 2 the Rail Vehicle Manual RVM. Consultation and comment on the documents will allow consolidation of all information. Please forward any comments / error or omissions, using the Enquiry Form provided or email

Route Access Standard

Title Last Updated Version
Introduction Jun 2018 2.0
General Information Version Jun 2018 2.0
Section Pages Introduction Apr 2018 1.8
RAS Manual Appendix A – Rolling Stock Outlines Jun 2018 1.0
RAS Manual Appendix B – Train Numbering Jun 2018 1.0
Amendments Register Jun 2018 2.0

Section Pages

The section pages are the individual line diagrams detailing below rail elements such as axle loadings and permanent speeds for that particular section of the ARTC Network.

Route Access Standard Amendments

Route Access Standard amendments publish all changes to the General Information and the Section Pages information and should always be viewed in line with the current version of the document.

To request an amendment to the Route Access Standard Manual, please fill in OGP3001F-01 below and send it via email to

Title Last Updated Version
OGP-30-01 Route Access Condition Notice 26 Feb 2015 1.1
OGP3001F-01 RACN Enquiry Form 18 Feb 2015 1.1
OGP3001F-02 RACN Template 18 Feb 2015 1.1


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