Our Projects

Hunter Valley and Interstate network reliability has improved substantially year on year as a result of our infrastructure investments and a focus on increased reliability.

Over the last five years we have delivered an almost $3 billion capital program to modernise the east coast freight rail lines. We have recently completed:

  • The transfer of operational control of the Sydney Metropolitan Freight Network, so our customers today deal with just one network owner between the Port of Melbourne and Port Botany
  • A new passing lane north of Melbourne to provide greater operational flexibility for services operating between Melbourne and Sydney
  • A substantial component of the Ballast Rehabilitation Program between Melbourne and Sydney, improving the reliability of our Melbourne to Sydney corridor
  • Centralised Train Control from Coonamia to Tarcoola, allowing customers to get their freight to market more reliably and predictably between the East Coast and Perth.

To achieve our vision of making rail the transport mode of choice in Australia, we must deliver reliable and competitive services and have the required capacity available for growth alongside continuing to make rail easier to use and developing whole-of-supply chain solutions with rail as a dominant component.

By getting this mix right, we create an environment that enables more freight owners to shift more by rail and ultimately help our customers succeed.

The major projects outlined here all contribute towards these goals.

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