Brad Moorhouse

“It’s great to work for a company that places such critical importance on safety. We look after ourselves and each other, as well as our customers and the local communities in which we operate – this is achieved by setting the bar high for all our activities around risk, safety and the environment, as well as our technical standards and systems and technology.”

Brad Moorhouse is the Acting Group Executive Corporate Services & Safety at ARTC, with responsibility for the company’s systems and technology, technical standards and procedures, and risk, safety and environment activities.

An electrical engineer by trade, Brad has served ARTC with distinction since 2008, including key management roles as Chief Technology Officer and as Project Director of our world-class Advanced Train Management System (ATMS).

A seasoned technology and project professional, Brad is a talented leader whose commercial and technical nous has proven invaluable for our customers and in continually enhancing our own systems, technology and safety performance.

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