Track Repair Following Pura Pura Derailment

ARTC site managers and support staff have shown sure-handed professionalism in the task of clearing and repairing the rail line between Melbourne and Adelaide as a result of the train derailment near Pura Pura, Victoria late Sunday.

Late yesterday afternoon the Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigators opened most of the site for repair which allowed track work and wagon recovery to commence.

Sleepers and new rail arrived during the night and cranes have been operating since 0700hrs this morning to remove wagons.

Approximately 1,100 metres of track require repair and 23 wagons need to be removed or ‘put back on track’.

As at 1000hrs, 300-400 metres of new sleepers and rail have been laid.

An assessment by the ARTC managers on the ground estimates that the track will be re-opened late Wednesday night.

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