Level Crossing Upgrade, Blackshaw Road Goulburn

Goulburn motorists will be able to traverse the Blackshaw Road railway level crossing with reduced delays in the future, thanks to upgrade work being undertaken by the Australian Rail Track Corporation.

The improvements to the level crossing are in progress and will improve the traffic flow over the crossing and upgrade pedestrian safety features.

The replacement of manually triggered crossing controls with new automatic controls will reduce the time the level crossing is closed prior to a train passing through and also after the train has gone.

The current pedestrian boom gates on the southern side of the road crossing will be replaced with new swing gates on the Sydney side of the road crossing. This modification will put the pedestrian crossing on the same side as Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care Goulburn Day Program in the old gas company complex.

Traffic flow and management will also be improved through the construction of median strips to separate inbound and outbound lanes, and the replacement of full boom arms with half boom arms.

The upgrade will commence with the closure of Blackshaw Road on April 19th 2008 and be completed on April 24th 2008.

During the period of the road closure the pedestrian crossing will still be available for use. Safety officers will control pedestrian access during the road closure period.

Safety is still the paramount issue with regard to level crossings and the ARTC urges all motorists and pedestrians to obey the road rules at the Blackshaw Road crossing for their own safety.

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