Signal and passing loop upgrades in Boggarbi good news for coal lines

Australian Rail Track Corporation’s (ARTC) commitment to upgrading the coal lines out of the Gunnedah basin continues with the extension of a passing loop at Boggabri.

The loop has been extended to allow 1350m trains to stand while a train travelling in the opposite direction passes at regular speed.  The overall effect will be to reduce transit time and therefore increase capacity on the line.

As part of upgrade, new digital Central Traffic Control (CTC) signals have been integrated between Boggabri and Emerald Hill.

The new CTC system essentially involves digital signals controlled remotely by the Network Controller in Broadmeadow.

ARTC CEO David Marchant explained that the extended loop and new CTC signalling represent another significant boost for the coal lines and is a milestone in the Gap to Narrabri capacity improvements.

“The CTC system and the extended passing loop will improve transit time in each direction along the rail corridor,” he said.

“There will be an increase in the number of train paths and faster cycle times for trains which will increase the capacity of the track and enable the transport of more coal from this growing region,” Mr Marchant said.

Specifically the CTC system will mean faster loop entry and exits and allow better train management by the Network Controller. 

“Demand for coal from the Gunnedah basin is set to grow exponentially by 2012.  This investment in new signal technology is part of ARTC’s strategy for the Gunnedah coal corridor to keep ahead of future market demands,” Mr Marchant said.

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