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New rail bridge one step closer at Brooklyn Sunshine Triangle

The modernisation of the interstate rail network continued today with the lowering of a 100 tonne steel girder across Sunshine Road, as part of the new Brooklyn Sunshine Triangle bridge.

Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese, congratulated the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) for moving forward so quickly with vital rail upgrades across the country.

“The Rudd Labor Government is investing $7.9 billion to modernise the nation’s rail network and build the infrastructure we need for tomorrow,” Mr Albanese said.

“This site in Melbourne has today seen a massive engineering feat take place, involving a highly skilled team of workers putting in place a 100 tonne girder that is 45 meter long.  

“This work is part a $15 million project jointly funded by the Rudd Labor Government and the ARTC and involves the construction of a new 7 pier bridge close to the Tottenham Rail Yard.” 

The new bridge will provide a seamless connection between Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, eliminating the need to shunt trains around within Tottenham Yard which can add an hour to transport time, in addition to congesting the network.

ARTC CEO David Marchant said the lowering of the giant span and the construction of the bridge was not only an impressive engineering accomplishment but a key part of the ARTC’s overall strategy to increase the efficiency of the interstate rail network.

“This bridge is a very important piece of infrastructure at the junction of the ARTCs North South and East West rail networks,” Mr Marchant said. 

“By making the connection between the two networks more efficient, we are able to reduce transit times and thereby increase the capacity of the rail.

“Rail will be more competitive as each 1500 metre long train can replace 100 semi trailers.”

The work is being undertaken through the Southern Improvement Alliance and the structure is expected to be completed in October 2009 with the line brought into operations in 2010.

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