Rail grinding to benefit local lines

The vital rail link between Marulan, Moss Vale and Aylmerton will benefit from rail grinding scheduled to take place over the next few weeks.

Between the 18th of October and the 26th of October Australian Rail Track Corporation will be overseeing grinding of the rail between Marulan and Moss Vale and then Moss Vale to Aylmerton.

Specifically the grinding will utilise an 84 stone Loram rail grinder to improve the ‘face’ of the rail, which will extend the life of the track, reduce operating noise and improve the efficiency of the link for freight rail as well as ride comfort for commuters. 

ARTC CEO David Marchant explained that the rail grinding work is essential for maintaining this section of the southern rail link as an efficient infrastructure asset.

“These works will ensure a smoother ride for trains, both freight and passenger.  Overall the rail grinding is part of our ongoing strategy to keep the rail link at peak efficiency,” he said.

“This type of rail work is essential if rail is to continue its resurgence as a valuable transport logistics asset in Australia.”

The rail grinding will be undertaken by QR as part of the national grinding contract awarded last year.

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