Signal upgrade in Melbourne completes stage two of ‘Missing Link’ project

Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) has reached another milestone in the dynamic upgrade of the rail infrastructure around Melbourne Ports with the completion of major signal upgrades in the Dynon precinct.

The signal upgrade project forms the second stage of a three stage project known as Missing Link. As well as the signal upgrades, the project included a total upgrade of Dock Link Rd level crossing which is the busiest crossing in the port precinct of Melbourne with an average of 1,000 truck movements each day.

Specifically the $10 million Stage Two involved the removal and replacement of 9,400m2 of track, ballast and signalling infrastructure with 18 sets of points, 18 new signals and 18.5km of cabling.

ARTC CEO David Marchant explained that the overall Missing Link project, worth $37.9 million, is one of the most significant infrastructure improvements to the interstate rail network in modern history.

“The Missing Link project is a landmark upgrade of the infrastructure in the Melbourne Ports precinct. It represents a major milestone in improving the efficiency of freight movements through the ports precinct,” Mr Marchant said.

The upgrade will pave the way for a more flexible operating environment at South Dynon which will result in increased yield and greater capacity, efficiency and reliability for both freight and passenger traffic. It will also result in reduced maintenance costs and improved travel times.”

“In simple terms it will allow more freight to be moved more efficiently,” he said.

The third and final stage of the Missing Link project involves duplicating the single dual gauge track that currently services Melbourne Port.

The duplication will result in double dual gauge track between Melbourne Ports and the interstate rail network as well as a direct broad gauge connection between North Dynon and the Ports. It will allow passenger and freight traffic to coexist in a more efficient manner than the current configuration.

The work was undertaken with ARTC’s partners South Improvement Alliance (SIA) with the primary contractors being John Holland Pty Ltd, MVM Pty Ltd and O’Donnell Griffin Pty Ltd.

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