ARTC welcomes Sydney-Melbourne track investigation

Australian Rail Track Corporation has welcomed the investigation into the Sydney-Melbourne rail track by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

New ARTC CEO, John Fullerton, said his organisation would co-operate fully with the ATSB’s independent investigation, announced by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese.

“Given the ongoing questions around the overall condition and performance of the Sydney-Melbourne track this investigation is welcomed as a means to independently review the actions undertaken by the ARTC to remediate the track and provide safe and acceptable services to our customers,” he said.

“ARTC is committed to completing the upgrading of the track between Sydney and Melbourne to deliver improvements in the efficiency, reliability and safety of the rail corridor and to build community and customer confidence in the value of the rail network.”

“This investigation is important and will assist in enhancing and reinforcing that confidence,” Mr Fullerton said.

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