ARTC Launches Freight Rail Campaign

When it comes to freight logistics, reliability and value are everything.

Australian businesses need a cost-effective way of getting their products where they are due, when they are due, every time.

At the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) we understand this and recognise that businesses need a strong supply chain to underpin their logistics needs.

That’s why today ARTC is launching its first ever marketing campaign to talk about the significant investment made in the interstate network between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and the benefits rail can provide your business.

ARTC has delivered a $3 billion upgrade to east coast freight rail lines over the last five years. This $3 billion investment promises businesses a network that is more reliable, supports more trains and offers second morning delivery.

We have upgraded the track, built new infrastructure and rail operators continue to modernise and improve the national interstate intermodal rail fleet. It means better reliability, better performance, better value and a better story for your business when it chooses rail.

Visit to watch a video, download a fact sheet or case study and find out more ‘freight facts’ about why it’s time for your business to reconsider rail.

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