Weather impact on ARTC network – update 7

Hunter Valley

Flood waters have continued to drop significantly over the last 24 hours allowing further progress to repair the track around Maitland and restoration works have been going well.

We currently remain unable to operate beyond Maitland, however main line operations for local passenger trains have recommenced successfully today on a limited timetable.

Large sections of track are now visible through the water line and the local team has been able to continue repair and refurbishment of signalling and track equipment.

There are still sections of track with high water levels around Wallis Creek Bridge, however initial inspections of the bridge structure have taken place and are positive.

ARTC will be able to provide a forecast by early tomorrow afternoon, for when services can resume, provided flood waters continue to drop consistently through the night.

ARTC crews will continue to work through the week to return the track to normal operating conditions. Residents are advised that this will involve heavy track repair machines working around-the-clock conducting track resurfacing and rail grinding. This is essential to get the network back up and running and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

ARTC will continue to work with our customers and the Hunter coal chain on an operational start up plan when services return.

Interstate network

The mid North Coast track remains closed, however works have been progressing well. A number of minor repair jobs have now been completed.

Focus remains on two major project sites around Tocal where geotechnical assessments have been completed and all-weather and alternative access roads are being prepared to allow for consistent supply of materials.


Media Contact: Bas Bolyn, 0477 340 658

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