Mile End crossing to remain open if community stays safe

Following feedback from the community and meetings with a nominated community group, ARTC has postponed plans to temporarily close the Mile End crossing on 15 February 2016 and proposed an alternative way forward for it to remain open, contingent on safe behaviour by the community.

While the closure was only ever intended to be temporary we appreciate that residents would be without access via this crossing for a considerable period until Torrens Junction works eliminated the problem.

Our decision to close the crossing until that time was driven by our desire to eliminate the risk of someone being injured or killed by a freight train. Based on what we’ve heard from the community we recognise the need to balance that safety risk with the convenience and access needs of the people that use it.

Bakewell Street underpass remains the safest option for people walking to the Mile End station or the parklands and city, but we acknowledge for a range of reasons that route doesn’t suit everyone.

We thank residents for taking the time to provide feedback about the temporary closure and their suggestions for alternatives to deal with the issue of people using the crossing while it’s blocked by a freight train.

As a result, we will be trialling a number of the ideas provided, including:
– Keeping the crossing open, contingent on ongoing safe behaviour
– Installing permanent safety signage explaining the dangers
– Monitoring the site with random CCTV surveillance.

The responsibility now lies with the community to ensure safe use of the crossing continues so we can avoid any closure. We hope that this can be a positive example of the community and rail cooperating to reduce the risk of harm, while at the same time maintaining public access.

We would like to thank the community again for its feedback and trust that we can keep the crossing safe (and open) for the months and years ahead.

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