ARTC provides a helping hand in north east Victoria’s flash floods


Last week’s flash flooding across north east Victoria meant rescue workers had to get innovative, and the Australian Rail Track Corporation was on hand to help.

“The SES asked us to help and we had no second thoughts about doing so,” said ARTC Work Group Leader Nathan Grigg. “We’ve got the vehicle which lets you travel safely through the floods, so it was an easy decision.”

On Thursday flood waters cut the Hume Freeway around Wangaratta leaving motorists stranded when emergency services started enforcing road closures.

But amongst them were a newborn baby and its parents and a very expectant pregnant lady and the SES made the decision that getting them to shelter was a priority.

To do that they called on Nathan Grigg and the ARTC team from the provisioning centre in Wangaratta, and their Hy-Rail equipped 4WD. Fitted with rail wheels the vehicles can run on the tracks.

While the floods meant the suspension of train services that didn’t stop ARTC’s Hy-Rail, and in short order the baby, her parents and the mother to be were onboard and heading into Wangaratta.

“The guys who work at the Wangaratta centre are locals, living in towns and communities along the North East corridor,” said ARTC’s General Manager of Asset Management Brian Green. “We’re pretty proud of how they helped their communities in these floods, and I’ve got no doubt they’ll do the same next time they’re called on by emergency services.”

The ABC’s online story featuring the ARTC crew can be found at

Nathan Grigg (L) and Gordon Yates (R) in front of the ARTC Hy-Rail 4WD.


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