Growing our network and Australian jobs with major contracts

As part of ARTC’s ongoing investment to grow Australia’s rail network, we’re thrilled to enter two major partnerships with local businesses to help secure our rail infrastructure needs for the future.

In partnership with the Australian Government, we recently announced a new $292 million contract with Liberty Primary Steel for the supply of more than 147,000 tonnes of rail from its Whyalla-based steelworks in South Australia. This includes more than 110,000 tonnes for our Inland Rail, Narrabri to Turrawan and Southern Highlands projects.

In addition, we recently finalised a $143 million contract agreement with Austrak, which will supply more than 1.3 million concrete sleepers for Inland Rail from its Rockhampton and Wagga Wagga facilities.

This $435 million combined investment provides a major boost as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our rail network for customers in support of Australia’s supply chains.

“These contracts are not only significant for the nation’s rail industry, they’re also significant for regional Australia through the creation of much-needed jobs and economic activity,” said Mark Campbell, ARTC CEO and Managing Director.

“In fact, our partnership with Liberty Primary Steel alone will support 1,500 jobs in coming years, providing a major boost for the country and the Whyalla region in particular as we fight back from the economic impacts of COVID-19.”

Rail stacked

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