ARTC enhances Level Crossing Safety Window

David Marchant, Managing Director of Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd (ARTC), today announced enhanced safety initiatives with regard to two level crossings in Adelaide and a review of two other locations.

David Marchant said, “A full investigation into the near miss at Kings Road level crossing was still being undertaken, however I have received preliminary advice on what took place on Monday and on further safety enhancements which could be undertaken.” “The first fundamental issue is that the train and train drivers should not have proceeded past a red light”, David Marchant said. The reason why the red light was over-run by the driver is still being investigated by the train operator, Australian Railroad Group, and the track owner, ARTC.

ARTC has also undertaken a review of the safety window at the level crossing and other level crossings in Adelaide to see what further improvements could be made to provide a back up to the crossing lights and gates if a train driver runs past a red light. David Marchant said, “Based on a preliminary review ARTC will be moving the rail signal at Kings Road level crossing and extending the time window for lights and boom gates activation.”

“At Cormack Road, Dry Creek level crossing, extended time windows for the boom gate and lights will also be made”, David Marchant said.

Two other crossing locations are being reviewed in more detail to assess if any further adjustments are required. These are at North Arm Road, Gillman Junction and Eastern Parade, Gillman Junction.

The enhancements at Kings Road level crossing and Cormack Road level crossing will undergo a full risk assessment and be submitted to the Rail Safety Regulator next week. Subject to that assessment, it is envisaged that work will be completed within a month.

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