Indicative Section Running Times

Section running times are the times allowed by ARTC in scheduling of a train path for a train to move over a designated section of the network. Times are specific to the type of service operated. Indicative services are those services to which Indicative Access Charges apply (as defined in the undertaking).

These services are of the following type:

  1. maximum axle loads of 21 tonnes;
  2. maximum speed of 110km/h; and
  3. length not exceeding
    1. 1800 metres west of Adelaide and Parkes;
    2. 1500 metres east of Adelaide and Parkes (until capital expenditure is commissioned Melbourne – Macarthur and Parkes – Cootamundra);
    3. 1800 metres on the segments Melbourne – Macarthur and Parkes – Cootamundra (following commissioning of capital expenditure Melbourne – Macarthur and Parkes – Cootamundra) and Southern Sydney Freight Line

It should be noted that the actual running times that can be achieved are influenced by factors which are specific to an individual service. Section running times are expressed in minutes for each direction separately, and represent time taken to move from one location to the next, with no allowance for acceleration and deceleration associated with stopping at a location.The section running times are indicative of those used in ARTC Customer Committed Schedules for indicative Services as at the date shown.


Indicative section running times for indicative Services are available for the following segments:

  • Adelaide – Pt Pirie
  • Pt Pirie – Broken Hill
  • Melbourne – Albury
  • Melbourne – Adelaide
  • Coonamia. – Whyalla
  • Pt Augusta – Parkeston
Number Title Effective Posted
ARTC Indicative Section Running Times 09 May 2006 09 May 2006



Number Title Effective Posted
SSFL Data 3 March 2014 3 March 2014


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