Revised Opening of Track Between Bates and Barton SA

The Australian Rail Track Corporation has updated the estimated opening time of the track between Bates and Barton South Australia following a derailment on Saturday.

It is now estimated that the track will re-open on Thursday 24 Apr at 1400hrs.

As of last night, all wagons had been removed from the track and restoration and repair commenced this morning.

It is anticipated that all track will be laid by this evening with ballast laid tomorrow morning.

A further update is expected at later this afternoon.


On Saturday morning at 0653 hours a Pacific National Train derailed at the 712 km mark between Bates and Barton South Australia, on the Nullarbor Plain.

Thirteen of the rear twenty-one wagons were derailed.

Around 800 metres of track has been damaged and in need of repair and replacement.

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