New Boom Gates At Local Level Crossings: Don’t Race Trains

Australian Rail Track Corporation issued a clear and urgent warning to all motorists in the Curlewis, Breeza and Emerald Hill regions, not to ‘race’ trains across local level crossings.

The warning comes as local level crossings are scheduled to be upgraded on the 12th and 13th of July, including the installation of boom gates at level crossings at Kamilaroi Highway Curlewis, Hogarth Street Breeza and Cox’s Creek Road Emerald Hill.

Of major concern is the tendency of some motorists to try and race trains to the level crossings and cross in front of the train, particularly at the Kamilaroi Highway crossing at Curlewis.  This often involves driving at dangerously high speeds.

Not only is this extremely unsafe, but drivers must be aware that they will now be met with boom gates at the level crossings.  Drivers must slow down as they approach the new boom gates or they risk a serious accident.

Due to the installation of new signalling technology there will no longer be a requirement for some trains to stop at locations or stations. Trains will be travelling through these locations at significantly increased speed with greater care required by motorists at level crossings.

Motorists must understand that all trains take time to come to a halt and that running the gauntlet with a locomotive is simply not an option.

The specific work being undertaken involves bells, lights and booms gates at Hogarth St Breeza, the introduction of boom gates and Advance Warning Lights on the Kamilaroi Highway crossing at Curlewis and bells, lights and booms to the crossing at Cox’s Creek Road Emerald Hill.

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