Derailment at Wodonga

At 0710 hours Pacific National service 3PW4 derailed on the Main East line at Wodonga just before the start of the bridge north of the railway station.

15 wagons have derailed and there is significant track damage.

Early indications, pending a full and detailed investigation, are that the derailment was caused by a problem with the rolling stock; it is suspected that one of the bogies on the 23rd wagon buckled, derailing the wagon and taking the other 14 wagons with it.

The West line of the By-pass is obstructed by derailed wagons.

Two wagons have been confirmed as being off the road and bridge and down the embankment.

The Bridge is going to require assessment by a professional engineer before it is reopened.

660 metres of track has been damaged with 550 concrete sleepers requiring replacement.

The rail is extensively damaged and will require digging out of the ballast to investigate how much if any can be salvaged.

ATSB has quarantined the site and the representatives from the ATSB are en-route to investigate.

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