Changed conditions at local level crossings: Don’t race trains

Australian Rail Track Corporation advises all motorists in the Parkes, Forbes, Stockinbingal and Cootamundra regions, that train speeds will increase to a maximum of 115 km/h on the railway between Cootamundra and Parkes. This will affect some local level crossings

In the past, few trains have exceeded 80 km/h in this area. The track has now been upgraded to enable the faster train speeds.

The increase in train speed will start to take effect from 1st March 2011.

Motorists must therefore be aware that trains operating between Cootamundra and Parkes could be operating at higher speeds.

Of major concern is the tendency for some motorists to try and race trains to the level crossings and cross in front of the train. This risks a serious accident.

Drivers must slow down and look out for trains as they approach level crossings, obey “STOP” signs where they are provided, and proceed only when the way is clear.

Temporary signs have been installed at many of the affected level crossings, to warn motorists of the increased train speed.

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