Commissioning of Moree to Narrabri Inland Rail track

Due to extensive and prolonged inclement weather across New South Wales, the commissioning of the upgraded Inland Rail track between Moree and Narrabri was delayed from the target date of October 31st.

However, following the completion of required works, we anticipate the line will be operational again on 25th November.

ARTC, together with the Inland Rail construction team and partners, has been working hard to have the line complete in time for the commencement of the grain harvest season.

However, the bad weather severely limited access to Inland Rail work sites, which led to an impact on works on the Narrabri to North Star Phase 1 project.

Although no major damage was caused to the line, a full assessment of damage and impacts was undertaken, and some repair works were required on sites that were still under construction.

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