Review of System Wide TUT

Under Section 13.4 of the HVAU ARTC is required to carry out a review of the operation and effectiveness of the system wide TUT.

ARTC has invited and received submissions from Access Holders and other stakeholders on whether:

  1. having regard to the consequences of failing the TUT, the TUT provides appropriate incentives to make available Capacity for use either on a contracted or ad hoc basis; and
  2. the TUT provides appropriate incentives for ARTC having regard to the:
    1. the objectives in section 1.2 of the HVAU;
    2. the coal chain principles recognised in section 1.3 of the HVAU; and
    3. practical experience of Network and Hunter Valley Coal Chain operations and performance relevant to the operation of the TUT from the Commencement Date of the HVAU to the time of review.

ARTC has, in good faith, considered the submissions received and has completed the review.

A report (subject to confidentiality restrictions) setting out ARTC’s views on the operation and effectiveness of the system wide TUT, its response to any material concerns raised by Access Holders or stakeholders in the context of the review, and its reasons for not choosing to propose a variation to the HVAU as a result of the review is provided below.

Number Title Effective Posted
System wide TUT review report 11 Sep 2014 11 Sep 2014

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