Train Operating Conditions Waivers

Variations to the NSW/QLD Train Operating Conditions (TOC) Manual are published in the form of a TOC Waiver.

TOC Waivers detail all changes to the General Instructions and Section Pages of the ARTC TOC Manual, operation of new and modified rolling stock, and any non-standard working on the NSW/QLD network.

Step 1 – Notes to consider when reading TOC WAIVERS

  • The TOC Waivers listed below must be read in conjunction with the ARTC TOC Manual.
  • We are currently transitioning from the TOC Manual to the Route Access Standard (RAS).
  • TOC Waivers will continue to be issued only for the registration of rolling stock and non-standard working on the NSW/QLD network.

Step 2 – Not clear for you, please contact:

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Note: Track Maintenance Vehicles are managed via the Aquipa system (formerly known as PlantGUARD) in accordance with EPP-32-01 Track Maintenance Vehicle Registration and Operation

step 3 – toc waivers

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