ESG Report outlines progress on our sustainable future

We’re delighted to release our second annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report in support of a more sustainable future for Australia through modal shift to rail.

Highlights from our 2022-23 ESG Report include:

  • 0 significant non-compliances with environment laws and regulations
  • 6% First Nations workforce representation (up from 3.1%; aiming for 4% by the end of June 2024)
  • 8% female workforce representation (up from 28.0%; aiming for 33.3% by the end of June 2024)
  • 91 Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate for employees and contractors (representing a 49% reduction, exceeding our 10% annual reduction target)
  • Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions of 17,482tCO2e (representing a 6.1% reduction; aiming for 10% reduction by the end of June 2024)
  • 3rd Modern Slavery Statement published (October 2022)
  • 13% reduction in Level 1 (significant) actual and potential safety events on our network
  • 2% growth in non-coal volumes moved on our network since 2020 (aiming for 8.5% growth by the end of June 2024)
  • 53% construction procurement spend with local and/or First Nations businesses (across four active major projects, which exceeded our 10% target)
  • 91% construction waste recycled or re-used (across four active major projects, which exceeded our 60% target)
  • $630,000 in community sponsorship and grants (up from $620,000 in 2021-22).

We know we have a long way to go, but we’re proud of our efforts so far and welcome you to learn more by reading our latest ESG Report, which is now available on our website.

ARTC network (South Australia)


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