Golden Ridge derailment update

As result of the train derailment which occurred at Golden Ridge East of Kalgoorlie, Friday 30 January 2009, a significant rail deviation or ‘detour’ is being established around the site of the derailment to ensure the track opens as soon as possible.

New sleepers, rail and ballast are being laid in what is essentially a rail loop around the entire area affected.  This will allow the rail corridor to re-open and freight rail traffic to recommence. 

The new deviation will be subject to a temporary speed restriction.

Repair and recovery teams have been doing an exceptional job, working around the clock not only to construct the deviation, but also utility roads for vehicles and equipment to access the remote site.

Over the past three days, ballast trucks and trains have been arriving at various intervals to repair other ‘wash away’ areas as a result of recent torrential rain.

The forecast reopening of the rail link remains 1200 hours Friday 6th February.

Once the deviation is completed, the clean up and recovery of the derailment site can continue without interrupting rail services.  The timing of the recovery of the rail wagons is a matter for the company who own the rolling stock.

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