ARTC Board Border Visit Reinforces Commitment To Region

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) hosted its monthly Board meeting in Albury/Wodonga today, showing its continued commitment to the region’s economy, freight network and local producers and manufacturers, ARTC CEO John Fullerton said today.

“We see great opportunity for future rail freight growth out of the wider Riverina and Murray regions, and the Board meeting is just an illustration of the wider commitment we haveto the area,” Mr Fullerton said.

“Last year saw an additional 100,000 tonnes of new freight shift by rail out of the region
heading North and South, illustrating business’s confidence in rail. We think more local
manufacturers, rural producers and distributors can take advantage of incorporating rail into
their supply chain.

“Not only is that better for those businesses, it’s better for motorists on the Hume Highway,
better for the environment and better for the community,” Mr Fullerton said.

“We’ve invested a significant amount into improving the interstate rail network between
Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and there are green shoots of this investment paying off.

“Reliability was up 30 per cent over 2013 alone and our freight and interstate passenger
customers’ operational performance is tracking well.

“These are results we are justifiably proud of, but we’re not standing still and as we complete
further track improvement works and implement initiatives to assist our customers operating
along the east coast freight network – we know rail’s position is only going to strengthen
further as the region’s mode of choice,” Mr Fullerton said.

The Board visit this month also marks 15 months since ARTC brought its maintenance
functions in-house in Victoria, securing 23 jobs for North East Victorians, including
apprentice roles, at depots in Seymour and Wangaratta.
services,” Mr Mackenzie said.

“ARTC is proud of its commitment to the regions. We help move local freight, provide local
jobs and support local suppliers – we have been investing millions locally and are moving
local products nationally,” Mr Fullerton said.

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