Joint Statement : Advanced Train Management System implementation underway

AUSTRALIA will soon start live testing of the next generation of rail freight management systems on the
national rail track system.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss welcomed
the signing of a contract by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) and Lockheed Martin Australia to
implement the Advanced Train Management System (ATMS).

“The system is custom–engineered technology and will transform the way freight rail infrastructure is
managed and monitored across the country,” Mr Truss said.

“Australia’s population, export and import industries and economy are all forecast to experience strong
growth into the future and this growth needs to be supported by a robust, safe and reliable logistics industry.

“The ATMS will increase the capacity, safety and reliability of our national freight rail network and safely
enable more trains to travel closer together.”

The Australian Government has previously provided $60.8 million for the development of the ATMS and is
investing a further $50 million for its implementation.

ARTC CEO John Fullerton said the technology uses GPS navigation systems, broadband communications
and state-of-the-art computer technology to locate and route trains in real time.

“It also reduces costs associated with the need to sustain expensive trackside infrastructure,” Mr Fullerton

“ATMS is being tested over the next two years on a section of ARTC’s rail network in South Australia
between Whyalla and Port Augusta.

“We will gradually test and scale up the ATMS in a safe, operational and live environment so we can explore
the system’s full capabilities.

“Future-focused technology like the ATMS will make rail freight across our large country even more costeffective
for Australia’s industries by reducing our reliance on expensive trackside infrastructure.

“ATMS is an illustration of our commitment to implementing technology that benefits our freight rail
customers and strengthens Australia’s international competitiveness.”

Mr Truss said the ATMS demonstrated how the Australian Government is delivering the infrastructure to
meet Australia’s businesses need for a more productive future.

Media Contacts

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For Mr Fullerton: Bas Bolyn 0477 340 658

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